My mum

Well my mum…is simply Amazing…
She has been fighting breast cancer since January of this year (2013),
She’s had the Chemo and the mastectomy and now faces radiotherapy…
And luckily enough not to have suffered any real pain,
Her philosophy is ” well if I don’t feel sick then I’m not gonna pretend I am”
Rock on mother…
Here’s a pic of her



My friend Matt

My friend Matt is the instigator for me starting this…so god help you all,
No I’m kidding,
My friend Matt, is my best friend, my work hubby, and my little rock,
Girls! Get urself a gay best friend…because…bitch they will say it how it is, hmm umm, yes sir :-p
He’s also started a blog, it will contain a lot about cats and techy geeky stuff..
I will add more about Matt as I go along, you will get 2 lots from me, me and him, although he might not appreciate the stuff I will publish hehe…don’t call me Minxy for nothing :-p

Haha I just texted him to say I’m dedicating a page to him, his response is ..nooooooooooo, oh hell yes I say!

On Thursday we had our old boss’s official retirement piss up…it was nice when me and Matt get together as well…as we always seem to draw attention..I wonder why,
Maybe cos he was wearing the pink gayest check shirt ..( nice tho) but only a gay guy could pull it off unless your Sam merlott from true blood! :-p

Before you relax

Why hello there,

First things first..I’m Minxy..

There you go, that’s my introduction

Before you relax, ahhhhhhh wouldn’t it just be luvely to sit down and relax..
Bare that in mind for a moment…
Yep if your anything like me, the imagination of it lasted about 30 secs than reality set in and you know,,simply that’s not going to happen :

Lucky for you I’m here to help!! Yippee I hear you say? Nah sorry I really don’t how to chill either, even doctors will say..take it easy , relax,
And I feel like saying, …really? Did you really just say that? Well why don’t you come over and take the weight off my feet, yes do that washing..( couple of loads ) why don’t you also Hoover the floor, wash the floor, make the bed, or even change the bed ( ah the joys of duvet changing) I change mine every few days..and it’s a serious mission every I’m grateful doc that you have come to help..oh don’t forget to feed my dog, take him for 40-60 min runs and playtime at least twice a day…
And let’s not start on bills, debts…

Anyway this is how my blog has started..don’t be frightened..I do say good happy jolly things to…:-D